Thursday, 30 April 2009

MAXWELL is back!!!

OMG im soooo happy!!! Maxwell is back!!!

I actually love this man. He's going on tour, but seemingly only in the states so far :-( boohoo! I would love to see him live!!

The 1st single from the album is called "Pretty Wings" n im really likin it so far... not disappointed yet!!!

This man is probably one of the reason's i fell in love with my neo soul... spent many an hour listening to him... cant believe his label Colombia shelved "Urban Hang Suite" for 2 years in doubt of the albums potential. Thankfully, it was finally released in 1997 and went on to be nominated for a Grammy so i have high hopes for the new album... cant wait to hear it!!!! Seemingly "Black Summers Night" will be a trilogy of 3 albums, the 1st one "Black" being released this year, "Summers" in 2010 and finally "Night" in 2011!!! So we have alot to look forward to... ;-)

Have to add couple more of his classics ;-) Enjoy...

Ascension (Don't ever wonder)

Sumthin' Sumthin' (Mellosmoothe cut) < I love this version...

Perfectly Flawed S/S 09!!!!



Again, supporting the art of a very good friend of mine, Karl Slater i present to you his new range of mens streetwear designs.

Perfectly Flawed is a youth led brand, designed and printed right here in London town!

All Perfectly Flawed garments are hand printed, meaning no 2 items are ever exactly the same. The colour and placement may vary as it is not a mass produced product, keeping it as individual as you are!!!! All designs are limited edition, each with its own unique number.


A fusion of design influenced by London life, street dance and music.

This seasons influences are mainly taken from graphic and geometric imagery, glamour, retro sports and 70's styling, whilst keeping in with Perfectly Flawed trademark style of using oversized graphics.

You can buy these amazing items picture via the ONLINE STORE!!!

Also, check out the new and updated website HERE!!

Lookbook Credits:
Photography - Julia Eskell
Make up - Chloé Fiducia < ME! hehe
Models - Niyi Crown, Devaune Ratteray, Scott Ashley & Barrett Downing

Monday, 27 April 2009

Download... Oveous Maximus & Thosh!!!

I always love to support and help promote the art of those close to me. I have so many creative, talented and wonderful ppl in my life and this man is definetily one of them.


Oveous Maximus, already a well established spoken word artist having appeared of the likes of "Def Jam Poetry" and "Live @ The Apollo" has now ventured into the hip hop world and this tune is just a small sample of his skills.

The tune "Alive" produced by Thosh is most likely going to be his new single off the album "Future Intentions" so grab the preview here!


Check out more of the man himself on his Myspace!

NYLON & Nike.....I WANT!!!

sOOOOO NYLON + Nike have done a collabo....n its hott, i want them in mostly every colour lol

I couldnt get the video to shrink for some reason, so instead of havin my blog look mash up with the huge video on it, here's the link to the viral video thats going round now to promote these new kick's. Enjoy :-)

NYLON + Nike


Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Emily King!!

Don't know too much about this lady yet, but intend to find out more! Came across this track she'd did wi Lupe Fiasco n im lovin it!!! Her voice is sick....kinna reminds me of someone tho but cant put my finger on who???

100 Single Ladies!!!

My amazing friend Eleanor took part in this sick promo the otha day slap bang in the middle of Picadilly Circus!!! 100 gurls all doing the "Single Ladies" dance!!! Fun times!! It was a promo that some clever clogs @ Trident came up with to promote their free Beyoncé concert in November!! Round of applause to that person lol Check it out:

Look out for El's, 2nd row, 2nd left!!! x

Kanye West even blogged travels fast man lol

Friday, 17 April 2009


Do you ever have times in your life where you just feel... lost?
Like you're diverted from you chosen path that you thought u had so on point??
Unsure of your future? Where you're goin?
That's where i am right!

Saturday, 11 April 2009

...Absolutely Flawless!!!

Heeeeeeeey remember me???
Sooo...i havent blogged in a while....been movin house n all that bizniz!!! Finally livin myself n LOVIN IT might i say :-p

Nehoooo.....felt 2nite was perfect time to get back on my bloggin bandwagon as an outstandingly talented bunch of Londoner's who go by the name "Flawless" wowed the British public 2nite with their beyond amazing skills....

I know a couple of the guys and feel so overly proud that fellow young creatives in the London scene are doing big things... i really think they have a big chance of winning...i only presume you will agree when you see it :-) Only lil thing that could hold them back could be the fact that a dancer won last year??? Lil George Sampson is a sweetheart, i did his make up a while back for a shoot and he was a doll and i still wish all the luck to him!! However, i really hope that the public dont hinder Flawless' chance of winning due to this factor as they reeeeally deserve to hit the top, even more so than they have already!!!

And now for ur lil eyes to view the magic.....

Respect to Marlon for his quote:

"Chase the dream... not the competition"

I think this is something alot of people these days should take heed of...too many people focus on what they can do to beat the next person...but if they focused that extra energy upon themselves insted of others they would succeed on so many more levels.

Respect Flawless and ALL THE LUCK IN THE WORLD!!!!


Much love

Chloe xoxo