Sunday, 11 July 2010

Save me from myself...

So... i actually recorded this video a few weeks ago now... but since i have been neglecting my blog, i forgot to post it here...oops :-/

I was home alone one night and decided to do a cover of "Christina Aguilera - Save me from myself"... its such a beautiful song which showcases the softer side to vocals...

Promo video!

Helloooo strangers! Been a while.... im back tho!!!

I posted a couple of song previews around the internet and got a nice lil surprise in my Twitter feed the other night!

Some lovely person made me a little promo video to go alongside my song preview! I was so flattered... im still not quite used to people knowing about what im doing so little things like this always put a huge smile on my face :-) appreciate it sooo much!

Check it out:

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

FB Fan page & Myspace... FINALLY!!!

Sooo.... i FINALLY have a Myspace Music page.... finding a suitable URL was pretty damn hard as every one i could want or could think of were already taken since like everyone on the world is on it already n im about 25 yrs late!!!!!

Final decision on URL is

so go check it out ***HERE*** and be my friiiend :-)

I also started an FB fan page which you can join ***HERE***

I dont have any of my tracks up yet, as final mixes are being done etc so i really thank everyone for all the love n support im already getting!!!!! Amazing x

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Now i hate it.... lol

So funny, was lookin bak and i blogged about how much i loved Kesha - Tik Tok in Sept last year.

Now... i freekin HATE IT!!! lol How things change...

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Dedicated to my nana... Wind beneath my wings :-) know when you're astage school kid... n u always make your family watch little shows you wanna put on for them instead of jus letting them watch the telly...well that was me im afraid to say..HAHA!!

Well back then when i was a wee bit younger there was always this one song that would be a frequent request in these lil shows from the family memebers... it kinna haunts me ive sung it everywhere from weddings to...random bunch of places..

Beautiful song that is "Wind beneath my wings" from the amazing film Beaches and performed by the equally amazing Bette Midler!!

Anyway, my Nana (who has always been a big part of my life) has been requesting for years for me to record a version as a gift to her so she can listen to it whenever she wants, but life being so busy n all ive neva managed to get round to it!!

My wee Nana is in a home now n its all a bit sad, so i was excited when a chance came up for me last week to finally get to do it. Friend of mine has newly opened his own studio down in Eastbourne (CMP Studios) and for the 1st week just wanted to get used to all the new equipment, so he invited me down to spend the day at the studio :-)

So aside from a good writing session (of which you will hear the outcome of soon) i also managed to get in the booth quickly to record the song for my nana :-)

Accompanied by an amazing pianist...this is what i have...

Im so proud i could actually finally do this one special things for my nana :-)

Hope you enjoy xoxo

Friday, 25 September 2009

Kesha - Tick Tock

I been hearin this song for aaages n becoming obsessed with it, but had no idea who the artist was.

So i only just saw the video for the 1st time n didn not in a million years ever expect it to be who it is lol check it:

Also, found out shes the vocalist on the hook of Flo Rida's "Right Round"... so why she not in the video? I thot it was the gal in the video that was the singer loool dumb

Anyway, shes been signed to RCA after the commercial exposure from the Flo Rida track n is working on her debut album, i liv this track so im intrigued to see whats next...